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LED Outdoor Solar Tree lights


The Led Outdoor Solar Tree lights with lighting USB or WiFi DWS603 is a 4.5M outdoor landscape light which ground intensity is about 17 Lux. working at all night and can cover an area of 10 meters in radius.It consists of eight solar UFO lights which are responsible for ground lighting and 4 decorative red solar lamps .Its installation and maintenance is very easy because of its novel structure design.



Features and Benefits


Solar integrated design: All-In-One

Suitable to lighting in many places such as yard,park, parking lot, pond etc.

UFO Light: solar panel 7.2Wp, Lithium battery 16Ah/7.2V.

Decorative Red Lamp: solar panel 1.1Wp, Ni-Mh battery 2Ah/2.4V.

Charge under nearly all weather conditions and up to 70 hrs of operating capacity from a full charge.

Free of the site maintenance.

The Poles are galvanized,plastic spraying steel pipes.

Manufactured to ISO9001:2008 QAS.


Typical Applications


Walk Street
Parking lot


Solar Artifical Tree at night


Solar Artifical Tree Drawings


 Solar Tree at day
Solar Tree from far distance at night




Light Output
                        Steady-burning                             Tree Height :4.5 meters
Peak Intensity
                        Ground :  White , 18Lux             Decorative:  Red,  10cd
Source / Visibility
                                Ultra-bright white LED / 3km
                     8 solar lighting units and 4 decorative solar red lamps
Minimum Autonomy
On/Off Level
                                                   60/100 Lux
Lifespan of LEDS
                                           up to 50,000 Hours
Solar panels
                          UFO Light: 7.2 watts and Red Lamp: 1.1watts
                   UFO: Lithium 16AH/7.4V and Red Lamp: Ni-Mh 2AH/2.4V 
Lens & Pole Material 
                            Polycarbonate / Galvanized,Plastic Spraying   
Temperature Range
                                                -40℃ to +80℃
Quality Assurance
                       Chinese patents: 201320285.73.0 Other patents pending


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1.How to set up the working mode ?

You can set the working status for each solar UFO light before installing.The status indicators will be changed when you touch the switch of UFO lights with your forefinger.The display status of two indicators represents the working mode of the light as follows(Lighting,◎Turn-off):
Mode               Working time at night                               Light intensity                            Indicators 
1                              5 hours                                              100%                                         ◎ ◎
2                              8 hours                                               50%                                           ◎ ◎ 
3                              All night                                              33%                                            ◎ 
4                              All night                                              25%                                           ◎ ◎ 

When a mode you need appears,you can stop to press the touch switch and the light will operate by this working mode. The status indicators will turn off automatically when the touch switch isn't pressed for several minutes. 



2.How to install this solar UFO light?

The installation of this Artificial Solar Tree is very easy.If interested,you can contact us by Email .

The surface treatment of the tree pole is galvanized,plastic spraying.When the pole's surface is damaged in the process of transportation,you can paint an aerosol lacquer(White or Green) on the damaged surface.
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