DOUBLEWISE has been supplying solar airfield lighting products and services to worldwide customers over a decade.These solar lights are fully compliant with  FAA Advisory Circulars & ICAO Annex 14 VolumeⅠ.
DOUBLEWISE solar airfield lights have the features of easy installation,self-contained,cost saving and low maintenance.They can be easily installed or removed without disruption to airfield normal operations and are especially suitable for no electrical locations or old airport reconstruction.



Features and Benefits


Easy installation or removal

Cost savings: no electrical cables.

All-in-one design and wireless control

Low maintenance

Manufactured to ISO9001:2015 QAS and certified CE.


The Airport illustrative diagram is for reference only


①Runway end light ②Runway turn pad light ③Runway edge light ④Runway threshold light ⑤Approach lighting system
⑥Precision Approach Path Indicator ⑦Wind Vane ⑧Runway guard light ⑨Taxiway edge light ⑩Helipad perimeter light
⑪Stopway light ⑫Sign marker ⑬Aeronautical beacon ⑭Wireless control terminal ⑮Apron flood light


Typical Applications


The SLA Airport in America

Solar Wind Vane in Maldives

Wireless Control Terminal In Tibet

Solar Threshold light in ANKANG Airport


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1.What are benefits of the Solar Airport Lighting?
In general,the solar airport lighting is the better choice in the following cases:
          • Airfields that are not needed to fly at night every day;
          • Airstrips not easily connected the electrical cable or without electricity;
          • Airport renovation or temporary airports.
There are many benefits of Solar Airport Lighting System as follows:
• No High Voltage   • No Isolation Transformers  • No Base Cans  • No cabling  • No Cable Conduits 
• No Grounding       • No CCRS     • No Vault      • No Bulbs         • No Glass Lens 


2. Why choose DOUBLEWISE Solar Airport Lights?
• Low Cost                         • Low Maintenance                           • Easy Installation and Operation
• Complete Compliance    • Flexible Movement and Deployment     • Advanced Technology


 3.Can the remote control be achieved in the Airport Tower  for solar navigation lights?
Yes,these lights can be controlled to turn on/off and adjust the intensity by a wireless control terminal



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