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All-in-one UFO Solar Garden Light



DWS602 is a creative solar gardenlight that is designed as All-IN-ONE for garden,park,farm and pathway.Its shape looks like a flying-disc in the air, so it is also called the Solar UFO Lamp.

The lamp can not only support the lighting of a whole night,
but also automatically adjust the brightness when it detects people near it by infrared sensors;
It can not only work alone,but also operate together with the combination of two or more lamps;
In addition to the lighting function,it can also provide Background music or Alarm function.

Its Chinese patent number is 2013202885073.0.


Features and Benefits


Solar integrated design: All-In-One

Suitable to lighting in many places such as yard,park, signboard, pond etc.

solar panel 7.2Wp, Lithium battery 16Ah/7.4V.

Two lamps or three lamps can been combined into one light.

Only Weight 1.8Kg and easy-installation

Free of the site maintenance.

Manufactured to ISO9001:2008 QAS. 





Solar UFO lamp



Solar Panel




Light Source

Ultra-bright white LED




Lithium battery 10.5AH/7.4V


Stainless steel (optional)


Self-adaptive control algorithm

Switch Mode

Sunlight control + time control

Shell Material

Polycarbonate (PC)

Working Hours

4-6 hours



Anti-rainy Days

6-8 days

Mounting Hole Size




Quality Certification


CE Certification


Chinese Patent





Outdoor Lighting

Special Lighting

 • Garden 
 • Mountain
 • Yard
 • Pond
 • Park
 • Fence


Solar Garden Light
Dimension Drawings
Solar Street Light
Solar Street Light


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1.How to install this Advanced Led all-in-one  solar yard  light?

The installation of this Advanced Led all-in-one solar yard light  is very easy.We recommend three installation methods as follows.

Method 1: Process a straight pole on which a flange is connected, then fix the UFO lamp on the flange. The total height is about 2 meters to 3 meters.


Method 2: This installation method is suitable for dual-lamp applications. The lamp pole is a square tube of 60mm × 60mm, at the top with a symmetrical lamp arm which is connected a flange, then the UFO lamp is fixed on the flange. The total height is about 3~4 meters. Because the appearance looks like Libra, it also is called as a solar Libra lamp.

Method 3: In order to more quickly install and use the UFO lamp, a stainless adapter can be provided. When the installation condition is harsh, this simple installation method is a good choice.

As shown below, you may use the iron pipe,wood, bamboo or PVC pipe as a lamp pole and connect the pole and lamp with the adapter, then fix the pole in a place you want. 


Method 1 Drawing


Mothod 1 Solar yard Light in Water


Method 2 Drawing


Method 2 4M Solar Libra Light


Method 3 Drawing

Method 3 Hill Lighting with a wooden Pole


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