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Solar Heliport Perimeter Light



DWSA301G is an wireless solar Helipad perimeter light that complies with ICAO Annex 14 Volume Ⅱand FAA .It meets traditional helipad lighting in a low-cost, easy-to-install and low-maintenance way.Because of the characteristics of self-contained, durable and anti-UV,it can be suitably used for Helipad Lighting system without High-voltage and cabling. It has operated and tested maintenance-free for many years in some helipads including Brazil,Canada,Australia and China etc..



Features and Benefits


The Wireless Remote Controller can  provides on-demand operations from up to 4Km away. 


Available in Green, Yellow or White colors.


3-step intensity adjustment.


High-efficiency mono-crystalline solar panel and long-lasting Ni-Mh battery.


Lens is made from durable,anti-UV Bayer® polycarbonate. 


Manufactured to ISO9001:2015 QAS and certified CE,BV.


Typical Applications


• Taxiway Edge Light
 • Apron Edge Light
• End Light
 • Helipad Perimeter Light 
 •  Heliport Light
 • Helideck Light




Main Specifications
Light Output
Intensity Adjustment
Adjustable Low/Medium/High
Green, amber or white
Minimum Autonomy
120/90/60 Hours at Low/Medium/High Intensity
Lifespan of LEDS 
up to 50,000 Hours
Solar panel 
Mono-crystalline;1.5Wp;Efficiency 20%
Ni-Mh, replaceable;5Ah/4.8V
Lens Material 
Chinese patent: 200830018497.5
Quality Assurance




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1.Under what circumstances, the taxiway edge light is more suitable for the use of solar power?

Taxiway edge lights shall be fixed lights showing blue and the intensity of lights should be more than 2cd at least 6° above the horizontal, so these are suitable for solar power supply due to the low power consumption.In particular,the solar taxiway edge light is the better choice in the following cases.

• Airfields that are not needed to fly at night every day;

• Airstrips not easily connected the electrical cable or without electricity;

• Airport renovation or temporary airports.

2. Are there the rechargeable,portable perimeter light for helipads?

DWS 601/RC is designed to comply with the standard of ICAO Annex 14 Volume II.The rechargeable landing light includes the Rechargeable light and its Charger.

3.Can the remote control be achieved in the Airport Tower for solar navigation lights?

Yes,these lights can be controlled to turn on/off and adjust the intensity by a wireless controller in the Airport Tower. 

4.Is there the Fragile Pole complied with IACO?

Yes, there is the fragile pole which consists of adapter, aluminum fragile pole and flange bas. It complies with IACO Annex 14,Volume I as follows.


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