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Multi-function LED Marine Navigation Light


DWS305MF is a multi-function boat solar all-round anchor navigation light fully complied with COLREGS(1972) for these vessels such as Fishing, Anchored, Aground or not under-command etc..Its visibility is up to 3NM and its autonomy is more than 150 hours in full charge.It has the characteristics of self-contained solar, durable ,anti-UV and easy-installation.

The light  turns on at dusk and off at dawn automatically after turned on by the Remote Controller.When the ship returns to port, the light can be turned off with a remote control.


Features and Benefits


Steady-on and its visibility: 3NM 

Solar panel 2.7Wp, replaceable Ni-HM battery 4.8Ah/4.8V.


Light Output :
Navigation Light
360°White ,Steady-on
All-round Light
360°White ,Flashing
Signal Light or SOS Light


Turns on at dusk and off at dawn automatically after turned on by the Remote Controller.

Completely self-contained and waterproof IP65.

Charge under nearly all weather conditions and up to 150 hrs of operating capacity from a full charge.

  Lens is polycarbonate with anti-UV which is produced by Bayer.

 Manufactured to ISO9001:2015 QAS .




Light Output
Average Intensity
                                                   White:26cd    /Red:24cd   /Green:25cd   
Horizontal Output
                     112.5°Red+112.5°Green+135°White           Navigation Light 
                      360°White ,Steady-on                                   All-round Light
                      360°White ,Flashing                          Signal Light or SOS Light               
Minimum Autonomy
                                                                       150 Hours
Latitude Range
                                                                  55°S to 55° N
Solar Panel
                             Mono-crystalline; Maximum Power 2.7Wp; Efficiency 16%
                                                    Ni-MH, replaceable 4.8AH/4.8V
Lens Material & Colors
                                                Polycarbonate  &  Clear
Mounting Option
                                                         4 bolts or Magnetic base
Quality Assurance
                                                                  ISO 9001:2015
                                Chinese patent: ZL201430444455.3 Other patents pending


Typical Applications


Marine Navigation
Special Navigation
Fishing Boat
Sailing Vessel
Anchored Vessel
Not under-command Vessel 
Pilot Vessel


 The 56M Crane Barge in Dalian
 Dimension Drawings 
The 60M Deck Barge in Japan
DWS305MF at Night


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1.What kind of vessels are suitable for use in solar navigation light?

Using solar navigation lanterns is a best choice for non-powered vessels such as barge,Dredger,Tug or Tow boats etc..


2.Is there an attachment that is suitable for a variety of installation methods?

Yes,there is the installing adapter FlangeBase as follows. In order to better heat insulation and waterproof, we recommend to use it.


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