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6NM Marine Solar Navigation Light


DWS305/6NM is a 6 NM marine solar Navigation light designed to comply with the COLREGS(1972) and UL 1104 standards.The light may become one of the following four lamps.


Masthead Light 
 Deck Light 
Barge Light 
 Morse Signal Light
225°White Output
 Down White
112.5° ;135°
Morse Code

The four functions of light can be combined and selected by a touch switch or an IRC.



Features and Benefits


Steady-on and its visibility: 6NM

Solar panel 7.2Wp, replaceable LIthium Battery 16Ah/7.2V.

 Light Output :
112.5°    Port/Starboard
135°     Stern
 225°     Masthead
360°     Morse Signal

Turns on at dusk and off at dawn automatically or by a touch switch.

Completely self-contained and waterproof IP67.

Charge under nearly all weather conditions and up to 140 hrs of operating capacity from a full charge.

 Lens is polycarbonate with anti-UV which is produced by Bayer .

 Manufactured to ISO9001:2015 QAS.


Typical Applications


Marine Navigation
Special Navigation
 Deck Barge
 Crane Barge
 Tug Boat
 Fishing Boat



The Tug Boat
Dimension Drawing
 Barge Navigation
The Tow Boat


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1.What kind of vessels are suitable for use in solar navigation light?

Using solar navigation lanterns is a best choice for non-powered vessels such as barge,Dredger,Tug or Tow boats etc..

2. Can this lantern easily be turned off when it isn’t used for a long period?

Yes,you can easily turn off this lantern by a touch switch in the side of it.We also suggest that you turn off it when it isn’t used for a long time.So it is only charged during the day and discharged at night.


3.Is there an attachment that is suitable for a variety of installation methods?

Yes,there is the installing adapter FlangeBase as follows. In order to better heat insulation and waterproof, we recommend to use it.


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